Sonny Gothic V.2

Sonny Gothic Vol 2 is an extension of our popular font Sonny Gothic. All corners have been softened to get a friendlier and fluffy visual language. As Sonny Gothic, this typeface has ligatures inspired by the incredible work of Herb Lubalin, chiefly Avant Garde. We designed carefully Sonny’s Vol 2 ligatures, and we also created new ones to control the whites formed between softened characters such as FL, FB, FD, FE, FF, FH, FI, FK, FN, and FR.

Developed with powerful OpenType features in mind. Each weight includes alternate characters, ligatures, fractions, special numbers, arrows, extended language support, small caps, and many more. Perfectly suited for graphic design advertising.

  • Designed by Salvador Rodriguez Gaspar Muñoz
  • 18 styles
  • Related family Sonny Gothic

  • Sonny V2
    Thin Thin Italic Ultralight Ultralight Italic Light Light Italic Book Book Italic Regular Regular Italic Bold Bold Italic Extrabold Extrabold Italic Black Black Italic Ultrablack Ultrablack Italic



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    Sonny Gothic V.2 Complete family
    USD 299.00
    Sonny V.2 Thin,Sonny V.2 Thin Italic,Sonny V.2 Ultralight,Sonny V.2 Ultralight Italic,Sonny V.2 Light,Sonny V.2 Light Italic,Sonny V.2 Book,Sonny V.2 Book Italic,Sonny V.2 Regular,Sonny V.2 Regular Italic,Sonny V.2 Bold,Sonny V.2 Bold Italic,Sonny V.2 Extrabold,Sonny V.2 Extrabold Italic,Sonny V.2 Black,Sonny V.2 Black Italic,Sonny V.2 Ultrablack,Sonny V.2 Ultrablack Italic
    Sonny Gothic V.2 Basic family
    USD 135.00
    Sonny V.2 Thin,Sonny V.2 Thin Italic,Sonny V.2 Regular,Sonny V.2 Regular Italic,Sonny V.2 Ultrablack,Sonny V.2 Ultrablack Italic
    Sonny V.2 Thin
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Thin Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Ultralight
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Ultralight Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Light
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Light Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Book
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Book Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Regular
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Regular Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Bold
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Bold Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Extrabold
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Extrabold Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Black
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Black Italic
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Ultrablack
    USD 25.00
    Sonny V.2 Ultrablack Italic
    USD 25.00

    Cross media license


    1 • Desktop installation; according to specified number of work stations.

    2 • Web installation; according to number of visitors the web may serve, calculated on a monthly basis.

    3 • Social Media applications; according to the combined amount of followers across three main channels; Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



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